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Wow! that was totally awesome - I had never experienced hypnosis before your 1st session and it was fabulous - I feel wonderful! Thank you so much! Number was great - my favourite! Thank you again for your generosity.

~ Deb Jones

I can tell you that the feeling of relaxation after your sessions is amazing. I really like your work.

~ Sara
Adelaide, Australia

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You'll recieve FREE downloadable mp3 hypno-programming sessions.
Once every few days you'll be offered another hypnosis session.
Your first session will show you how to eliminate stress and feel great within minute.

Other sessions will enclude: 
  • Rapid Learning 
  • Greater Confidence
  • Creating a positive goal of the future
  • An unstoppable sense of purpose
  • ... and more! 
Your HypnoProgramming Sessions Include:

Session #1... Making Hypnosis Easy
If This Is Your First Ever Hypnosis Session Prepare To Sink DEEP And Enjoy The Ride.

  Your first introduction to hypnosis is designed to make entering hypnosis simple and understandable. It is one of the most pleasant experiences you can have
   ... and you can have it any time you want. 

Session #2... Speed Learning and Study Retention
Perfect For Anyone Wanting To Study Or Learn A New Skill.

   This is a great process for students of for learning
a new skill. Your mind can absord information like a sponge and recall it exactly when you need it. 

Session #3... Confidence For Any Situation
With Confidence You Can Overcome Doubt and Fear

Confidence allows you to fearlessly talk to people to to people, get dates. Confidence can even make public speaking FUN!

The Sessions Continue ... there are eight hypnosis sessions so far.
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Hypnosis Question & Download

Before you start, Let me answer the  popular question "What do you mean by going deeper in hypnosis?"

Answer: There really is no such thing as "depth" of hypnosis. Depth is term used to describe a pleasant state of focus.  So when you are asked to "go deeper" in hypnosis it simply means "focus even more".  When you hear your first hypnosis session give it a try. You'll find it quite pleasant!

"Thoroughly Enjoyable"
Hi Dantalion,
I notice I am able to go in to a trance very easilly.I have been doing the eye shut on my friends and family and it works 90% of the time.

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and have noticed that I am able to remember the wording that you use in your mp3's.
All the different mp3's that you have been sending me have all been sucessful.I even use it to remove the headaches I sometimes get due to the strokes I had.

Thanking you,


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